Atlas of Mars

This atlas will let you explore high-resolution color maps of most of Mars, with pages that should load quickly even without your having to buy a faster modem.
  1. Choose a feature by name (letter tabs) or type (crater, vallis, etc.).
  2. Click to view a map of that feature, or the closest region in the continuous Mars Atlas.
  3. Point at closeup to see the names of small features like craters.
  4. Click to zoom in to an even higher resolution map at USGS.
  5. A few tips are below if you need them.
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    • This atlas was designed for a window size of around 1000x750. If your screen is large enough, be sure to make the window big. Otherwise, you will have to scroll a lot.
    • Tested under Netscape Navigator 4.08, but should work with other popular browsers.
    • Feature names and coordinates will appear in the status window (of many browsers) as you move the mouse.
    • Netscape 4 has a bug that makes the status messages disappear after you've clicked. They will come back if you move the mouse out of the image and then back in.


    The maps used here were originally created by USGS's Astrogeology division in Flagstaff from NASA/JPL Viking Orbiter images.
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