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FAQ: “I just finished a work unit dated 6-Jan-2005. When it was uploaded, the one I got next was dated 6-May-1999! Why?”
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(WU's being served):
26dc04aa (past 4 weeks)
28dc04aa (past 4 weeks)
28dc04ab (past 4 weeks)
01ja05aa (past 4 weeks)
03ja05aa (past 4 weeks)
04ja05aa (past 4 weeks)
04ja05ab (past 4 weeks)
06ja05aa (past 4 weeks)
06ja05ab (past 4 weeks)
07my00aa (split in 47 hours)
09my00aa (split in 3 days)
10my00aa (split in 6 days)
15jl00aa (split in 3 days)
16jl00aa (split in 3 days)
18jl00aa (split in 3 days)
19jl00aa (split in 4 days)
19jl00ab (split in 4 days)
22jl00aa (split in 4 days)
13se00aa (split in 21 months)
15se00aa (split in 2 days)
23se00aa (split in 3 months)
08oc00aa (split in 19 months)
09oc00aa (split in 28 hours)
10oc00aa (split in 20 months)
11oc00aa (split in 25 months)
12oc00aa (split in 19 months)
12oc00ab (split in 19 months)
13oc00aa (split in 25 months)
14oc00aa (split in 25 months)
14oc00ab (split in 24 months)
15oc00aa (split in 19 months)
16oc00aa (split in 3 days)
16oc00ab (split in 4 weeks)
17oc00aa (split in 22 months)
18oc00aa (split in 9 days)
20oc00ab (split in 24 months)
21oc00aa (split in 25 months)
22oc00aa (split in 25 months)
23oc00aa (split in 23 months)
31oc00ac (split in 6 weeks)
01no00aa (split in 24 months)
02no00aa (split in 24 months)
03no00ab (split in 25 months)
05no00ab (split in 24 months)
08no00aa (split in 27 months)
09no00ab (split in 26 months)
10no00aa (split in 26 months)
12no00aa (split in 24 months)
12no00ab (split in 24 months)
15no00aa (split in 9 days)
18no00aa (split in 26 months)
20no00aa (split in 26 months)
21no00aa (split in 25 months)
21no00ab (split in 25 months)
22no00aa (split in 25 months)
23no00aa (split in 9 days)
25no00aa (split in 23 months)
27no00aa (split in 24 months)
29no00aa (split in 24 months)
29no00ab (split in 21 months)
02dc00aa (split in 4 weeks)
06dc00aa (split in 22 months)
07dc00aa (split in 22 months)
08dc00ab (split in 25 months)
09dc00aa (split in 25 months)
11dc00aa (split in 3 days)
17dc00aa (split in 25 months)
19dc00aa (split in 23 months)
20dc00aa (split in 25 months)
20dc00ab (split in 25 months)
22dc00ab (split in 8 weeks)
23dc00aa (split in 22 months)
24dc00aa (split in 23 months)
25dc00aa (split in 22 months)
26dc00aa (split in 23 months)
01ja01aa (split in 3 days)
20ja01aa (split in 16 months)
21ja01aa (split in 23 months)
22ja01aa (split in 20 months)
28ja01aa (split in 17 months)
03fe01ab (split in 3 days)
07fe01aa (split in 17 months)
12fe01aa (split in 17 months)
20fe01aa (split in 24 months)
05se02aa (split in 7 days)
09se02aa (split in 45 hours)
10se02aa (split in 3 days)
11se02aa (split in 3 days)
11se02ab (split in 3 days)
12se02aa (split in 4 days)
13se02aa (split in 4 days)
13se02ab (split in 3 days)
15se02aa (split in 3 days)
15se02ab (split in 40 hours)
16se02aa (split in 3 days)
17se02aa (split in 3 days)
17se02ab (split in 3 days)
18se02aa (split in 4 days)
19se02aa (split in 4 days)
19se02ab (split in 3 days)
20se02aa (split in 4 days)
25se02aa (split in 6 days)
27se02aa (split in 6 days)
28se02aa (split in 6 days)
04oc02aa (split in 3 days)
04oc02ab (split in 3 days)
05oc02aa (split in 3 days)
06oc02aa (split in 4 days)
06oc02ab (split in 4 days)
07oc02aa (split in 4 days)
08oc02aa (split in 14 days)
08oc02ab (split in 8 days)
09oc02aa (split in 3 days)
10oc02aa (split in 3 days)
10oc02ab (split in 3 days)
11oc02aa (split in 4 days)
12oc02aa (split in 4 days)
12oc02ab (split in 3 days)
13oc02aa (split in 3 days)
14oc02aa (split in 3 days)
14oc02ab (split in 6 days)
15oc02aa (split in 6 days)
16oc02aa (split in 6 days)
16oc02ab (split in 3 days)
17oc02aa (split in 3 days)
20oc02aa (split in 4 days)
20oc02ab (split in 4 days)
21oc02aa (split in 4 days)
22oc02aa (split in 4 days)
22oc02ab (split in 4 days)
24oc02aa (split in 9 days)
24oc02ab (split in 9 days)
25oc02aa (split in 4 weeks)
26oc02aa (split in 9 days)
26oc02ab (split in 9 days)
27oc02aa (split in 3 days)
28oc02aa (split in 14 days)
28oc02ab (split in 14 days)
29oc02aa (split in 14 days)
31oc02aa (split in 14 days)
01no02aa (split in 14 days)
01no02ab (split in 2 weeks)
02no02aa (split in 2 weeks)
03no02aa (split in 4 days)
03no02ab (split in 2 weeks)
04no02aa (split in 2 days)
05no02aa (split in 32 hours)
05no02ab (split in 32 hours)
06no02aa (split in 32 hours)
09no02ab (split in 2 days)
10no02aa (split in 3 days)
30dc02aa (split in 28 hours)
03ja03aa (split in 28 hours)
04ja03aa (split in 28 hours)
15ja03aa (split in 4 days)
16ja03aa (split in 4 days)
16ja03ab (split in 4 days)
18ja03aa (split in 48 hours)
19ja03aa (split in 2 days)
20ja03aa (split in 2 days)
Charts of all 630 tapes are available.
Backlog: Lag:
106 days + 1018 days
(27-Dec-1998 - 29-May-2002) (31-May-2002 - 14-Mar-2005)
CPU years:
Work Units returned:
Worldwide average CPU time is 6.7 hours/WU. See graph.
If a signal is detected 25 years from now, will scientists be able to decode it?
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At any given moment, 412 thousand machines are working fulltime on the problem (CPU hours/hour)

Results are being returned at a rate of 1 million WUs/day (thirty-four trillion calculations per second, roughly equivalent to a 249-teraHz super-computer). This is about 668% of realtime (assuming 6912/125Gb/day recorded).

A new participant is signing up every 96 seconds.

That's based on the trends over a eighteen-hour period.

Twelve-month trend:
Counters are extrapolated from data dated 30-Aug-2004, 13:58 UTC .
It's been 000   00:00 since this page was generated. [Check for update.]
Estimated efficiency in giving WU's to clients non-redundantly: